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About Agua Chiltepin

Agua Chiltepin™ is a spicy, savory water-based concoction that we make by hand using only the finest natural ingredients. It derives its name from the chiltepin pepper, an ancient pepper known for its powerful, but quickly dissipating heat and wonderful flavor (much more on the chiltepin pepper here).


Agua Chiltepin is multi-purpose:


  • Drink it straight as an invigorating tonic - brace yourself, it's got heat!

  • As a universal cooking ingredient - add a wonderful background flavor and a little heat to almost anything - boring dishes come alive!

  • As a drink mixer - make the best Bloody Mary, add some to your beer, get creative.


Check here for a few recipes. We'll also be adding new recipes developed by us and our customers on our blog and Facebook


According to the FDA, we can't really talk about all the miraculous side benefits associated with using Agua Chiltepin™, so we'll let the people that use it tell their tales here.


How'd we come up with Agua Chiltepin™? Well, there are several stories, but here's a "slightly fictionalized" one that we like (what really is the truth anyway?):


The Story Behind Agua Chiltepin™


Looking at the map, we spotted what looked like a shortcut from the Rio Sonora going to the west. We ground up into the mountains on a tiny, rutted dirt track, crossing dry washes, brush crushing against the side of the truck. 4-wheel drive was a necessity. Three hours in we were losing hope and starting to watch the fuel gauge. At last, we crested a rise and spotted a small community nestled into a hillside.


We rumbled into the dusty little town. Ahead was what looked like a much better road heading south. Our thirst was paramount, though, and we came to a halt outside the lone cantina. Ignoring the attentions of a couple of skinny dogs, we went inside and sat at the dingy bar. Two Tecates later a couple of trail-worn caballeros entered the joint. They asked the bartender ¿tienes agua?” and he produced a flask of amber liquid with a suspicious looking mix of material lounging at the bottom of the bottle. These gentlemen dosed their beers with the liquid, said ¡Salud!, and drank deeply.


Curious, we too asked the bartender for “agua” and dosed our own beers. With some trepidation, we raised our cans and tried the mix. Moments later, after the fire died down, we realized that we had found something special. With our limited Spanish we inquired as to what we were drinking. The answer was “Agua Chiltepin.”  It took several more beers, but in the end we had the rough recipe for this strange potion, with the key ingredient being locally harvested, wild chiltepin peppers. Prior to leaving, the bartender bestowed upon us a small baggie of these fiery red peppers and wished us luck.


Back in Bisbee, Arizona we experimented with our own Agua Chiltepin. After much experimentation and beer-fueled research, we felt we had the perfect recipe. The ultimate test was our weekly poker game. This motley crew proclaimed the virtues of our concoction and insisted we make more. Thus began Tio Ceddy’s Agua Chiltepin.

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